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The Queensland Nationals have a proud track record in delivering to Queensland the political leadership which has helped create Queensland’s modern and dynamic network of communities that we all enjoy today.

And today, your Queensland Nationals team is working in both Government and Opposition to help provide direction and shape Queensland’s future.

I hope you can join with us in our efforts to take this great State forward.

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Coalition to Make Sunshine Coast Roads a Priority

The National Liberal Coalition’s Shadow Cabinet meeting at Coolum has confirmed the need to address traffic congestion on Sunshine Coast Roads. “Traffic congestion on the Sunshine Coast is now at the stage where it is not only affecting daily.

Qld Nationals call for greater certainty for ethanol

The Queensland National Party State Conference in Brisbane on the weekend has backed calls from its Leader, Lawrence Springborg, for far greater investment certainty in establishing an ethanol industry in Queensland. Mr Springborg’s resolution.

Statement By the Hon Vince Lester Regarding the Proposed 12 Storey Development For Anzac Parade

Statement By the Hon Vince Lester Regarding the Proposed 12 Storey Development For Anzac Parade – Vince Lester. The Hon Vince Lester MP.

Cr Fisher’s Statement to the Community Regarding the Proposed 12 Storey High Rise Development For A

Cr Fisher’s Statement to the Community Regarding the Proposed 12 Storey High Rise Development.
NZAC PARADE I am here today in support of my colleagues in the Livingstone Shire, as well as being a member of a local government planning and development decision-making committee. This proposed development, should it go ahead, will change.

Final Status of Resolutions

Below please find an update on the final status of resolutions debated at the Queensland Nationals 68th Annual State Conference. Urgency Resolutions UR1] LAWRENCE SPRINGBORG MP That this State Conference enforces the Federal Coalition policy.

State Election

The Queensland Nationals have a long and proud record of working in both Government and Opposition to deliver strong and effective representation to the people of Queensland. In Government, the Nationals built Queensland into the strong and vibrant State it is today. As part of the Queensland.


The Policies of the Queensland Nationals, Thu 8/05/2003
Outlined below are the Policy Documents of the Queensland Nationals that have been released in the lead up to the next State Election. If you have any queries in relation to the Party’s policy please e-mail us at npa@npa.org.au.

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